H. Upmann Half Corona HUHC 2016 (RGRW)

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H. Upmann Half Corona HUHC 2016

I used to enjoy smoking these, enjoying the smoothness and coffee flavour. Those were from a 2015 box. I bought some 2016 tins, last had one from that batch a year ago, and felt it was a bit harsh and dry at the time, so I thought it was time to try them again to see if anything had changed.

Dry boxed for 3 days from 62RH.

Draw was perfect, little by way of flavour. Construction felt good.

Wrapper turned out to be a bit thick, and the cigar struggled to stay lit initially.

First Half

Strong dry tobacco mixed with white pepper starts off this cigar, and the pepper builds and builds as I smoke. 

Second Half 

Thankfully the pepper fades, and the profile is now tobacco with bitter dark espresso. Still a dry smoke which catches the throat and impossible to retrohale. Glad I have plenty of Sharbat (a Turkish pomegranate and rose drink) to accompany it. The pepper increases towards the end.

The body was medium full, and I felt a little nicotine buzz when I finished it. 

The harshness has gone in the 12 months, but I felt it was too peppery and dry for my taste. I wonder what others think of the 2016 production, and if the 17 or 18 ones are as nice as the 15 box I had. Maybe the RH was too low, I'll try one perhaps at 69 next time.

Overall a 6/10 for me; half hour smoke.



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When these first came out they were consistently great in both construction and flavors. I enjoyed many boxes and tins The last year or so from different boxes and tins they have been very inconsistent both in terms of construction and flavors. The first one from a just open box from 2017 earlier today was brutal. Unless I see a quick turn around in these that will be the end if them for me.

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