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I have 2.5 days to spend in Kentucky in July and am going to hop on the Bourbon Trail starting in Lexington and finishing in Louisville. I will be arriving into KY from Cincinnati and then departing from Louisville back to Chicago.

Some questions:

1. I have three nights to stay over? Where should I stay? Cities / Lodging?

2. What are CAN'T MISS Distilleries?

3. Which Distilleries should I avoid?

4. Best place to get good Bourbon other than at Distilleries? I've seen Costco, Kroger, Liquor Barn mentioned on here and elsewhere?

5. Any food recommendations?

6. Smoking laws? Can I light up outside with a drink? Or have the Nazi's invaded KY like they have Chicago?

7. Anything else?


PS - It might be helpful to give you some background on my favorite / least favorite types of Bourbon / Rye. I do not like Wheated Bourbons at all.


Colonel EH Taylor (all)

Evan Williams Single Barrel

Olds Ezra 7 Year Barrel Stength

Knob Creek (everything except their "flavored" shit like Maple)

Michter's (most)

Willett (everything in their main name brand)

Noah's Mill

Rowan's Creek

Old Forrester (all)

Pikesville Rye

Russell's (everything)

Four Roses (ONLY the high end special bottlings with the 4 digit codes)


Angel's Envy

Rare Breed

Basil Haden's

Eagle Rare (one of the least favorite things I've ever put in my mouth - yuck)

Huber's Starlight (terrible)

Woodford (hate it straight - fine in cocktails)

Bulleit (hate it straight - fine in cocktails)

Koval (I can walk to this - what a waste - terrible shit)

Few (not as bad as Koval and close to me as well - yuck)

Maker's Mark


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Sorry Buck, never been. It's on my bucket-list though.......I've hear Buffalo Trace & Woodford are kinda must-sees, I'd also like to see Wild Turkey

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On 7/8/2019 at 5:21 PM, Ethernut said:

Buck, hit me on PM, we can do a call and I can fill you in!

Thanks brother I’m back in chicago but I’ll reach out next time I’m coming down. Loved Kentucky!

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