Bolivar Petit Belicoso 2009 (PBRW)

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End of the school year so I am nonstop grading this weekend.  What could be better than pairing this mind numbing effort with a few smokes in the garage?

I dont have the box code on hand but it's obviously a 2009.  I am inexperienced with LE sticks so have very limited things to compare it to, especially with this much age.  I've snagged a few other ones via trades and such but was really excited for this one.  BBF is my all time favorite so a shorter fancier version has me excited.

Appearance is a bit rustic but still pretty with some sheen.  Draw is perfect.  First puff is dark chocolate fudge.  Little hints of standard BBF flavors (leathers, earth, and cream) but no the spice and sour woody notes I can sometimes get.  Second third the fudge gets creamier as it switches to hot chocolate.  I get some guiness like flavors and then more chocolate.  Final third gets bit drier in the mouth, the hot cocoa creaminess becomes a bit bready or cakey, with a touch of sweet stale icing (think day old sheet cake) and really finishes well.  I'm having ice coffee and it really pairs perfectly.

Well I may have just shot myself in the foot financially.  This was one of my favorite cigars of all time.  Might just be the shear uniqueness of it but it made its statement.  An expensive calorie free desert?  Yes please.  Definitely fits the expectation of the bolivar marque crossed with rich sweet chocolate.  I'm intrigued to explore more LE and see how they fare.  Some may harp on the size but it was perfect from start to finish with a bunch of transitions around creamy leathery chocolate.  I definitely paid more for this than others would have but it was worth it.

I value this stick at $34

Cuba ratio = 5.31

Cost ratio = 1.13

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