Vegas Robaina Unicos 2017 (PBRW)

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Now I used to really look forward to Torpedos and Pyramides. Their less-common shape often adds more prestige, more power, more elegance.

Then there is this whole thing about how the tapered head allows for more 'intense' puffs due to the concentrating of the draw.

Novices also love the fact that it is alot easier to to cut off the tapered head compared to a regular one.

Then there is the V-Cut-A-Torpedo association whose members would literally slate someone NOT opting to V-Cut the torpedo....

There was also a time where most Monte 2's were suspect smokes.... And then I hit a box of 15 P2's tubos that were all completely just bland AF...


Today's smoke is a Robaina Unico. Traditionally a good stick. Can't go wrong can it?



Looks okay, slightly on the dull side. Smells a little vegetal, but still mostly sweet cuban tobacco.

First 3rd: Sweet tobacco, darker notes. Raisins, earth, woods. Draw is on the tight side. May need to cut a little bit more off the head, and then maybe use my perfecdraw. (no, its not a V Cut). Smoke production is below average, but footsmoke is above average. Ahhhh I love footsmokes on Cubans, best in the bizness.

Second 3rd: Cut a little bit more off the cap, still below average smoke output. Now this cigar feels a little dry? in a limp sort of way? Hard to explain. The flavours are thin. Bold, dry, and thin. If i draw on it harder than usual, my throat immediately gets irritated. So I'm sitting here shallow puffing or double puffing a VR Unico on a Sunday evening. Tasting notes? woods, earth, vegetals, some chocolate, tannins and tobacco.

Final 3rd: I cut a little bit more outta this bugger, drawpoked it to hell. Smoke production got a little bit better, but my palate is fatigued ATM. At this point, I dunno... ash, damp earth, vegetals and some boring ass tannic tobacco.....

I put this cigar down halfway through the final 3rd.

And I thank the Cigar Gods for some really good H Upmann Half Coronas at hand... now these are some sweet little so-and-so's....








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