Finally tried an Partagas Aristocrat


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I have been knocking about wanting to try a few of these and while perusing the fare at my local Habanos Atmosphere I saw these and picked up a few. After having some help by the attendant who tried to warn me off by stating there have been rolling deficiencies (plugs), I was presented with several that felt passed the grade and were free of hard spots.

 I took them home and smoked one the next day. I have to say I liked them. Not a super in depth flavor bomb but certainly one to take when you just want a quick smoke and don't need to pay attention to the cigar. No draw issues on the one I did smoke. Smooth, pleasant, with that dominant Partagas spice. Pretty good for a cheap smoke.

I'll probably buy a box to keep around for that quick smoke.

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Cracking cigar. I won a FoH review comp with one last year so I'm biased!
I do really like them, had one early yesterday morning in fact. Nice size, same as a du Prince, and I find that they have a similar profile to the Shorts but less sophisticated. There's a sweetness in there that's different - more molasses than caramel.
I've got through a couple of boxes in the last couple of years and have had no real construction issues.
Very reasonable price too.

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How would you guys compare this with the Super Partagas and the Partagas Corona Jr/Senior tubos?

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