Montecristo No.2 ULA OCT 14 (PBRW)

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Montecristo No.2 ULA OCT 14

6/15/19 MC#2 ULA OCT 14. 65%RH

Cold Wrapper: Earth and slight barnyard. Smooth feel

Construction appear excellent with cut and draw perfect

1/3: immediate nuttiness and coffee on light. A bit of creaminess on smoke. Cocoa on the retrohale with slight spiciness. The dry cocoa and cream take over first third. Ash is a whitish grey holding well. 

2/3: coffee takes over with spice on sides and back of tongue now. Flavor up to a medium now. Burn is excellent. I started playing Buena Vista Social Club Album and suddenly everything just tasted better. (;-) The Burn is slow and excellent until end of this third and minor touch up on wrapper required. 

3/3: Interesting greenish hay note at start of third. Could be the twang of Cuban legend? It adds a tannin but not necessarily bitterness at all. To be honest not enough experience with CC to categorize this flavor yet. Several from this box have very similar profiles. Smoked this into the band. Coffee becomes strong black and cocoa fades back along with spice. Overall a solid 90 here. These have not been complex but very good straight forward Monte flavors.




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