Ramon Allones Superiores 2015 CGDLRW

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Final Thoughts: 88-92 rated cigar. Some few years of rest did not change the cigar. If this cigar was slightly bolder, slightly fuller, would have been more enjoyable. This cigar only shines when smoked in solitude, an introverts' cigar so to speak. With company, everything fades away and this will become 'just another cigar'.
Here we go!
Nice stick. A little on the pale side, but colorado wrapper + corona gorda is always win.
Cold draw, Fruits. Raisins.
First puffs, wow this is complex. Medium bodied and complex. Life is going to be difficult here.
Toasted bread, Dried fruit cookies? Sliiight chocolate, milk chocolate. Cuban twang.
Cookie dough is the main player in the second 3rd, with that cuban tobacco sweetness and some spices for company.
Slight fruitiness on the finish, but you really really have to look for it.
Things then got a little buttery. Butter cookies, sourdough bread. Creaminess comes to play.
Final 3rd, things get stronger, darker. Milk choc comes back. Base is a little toasty. Toasted bread, toasted cookies. Burnt biscuits lol.
Finish is a sort of bitter toasted almond butter
Random salesman hustled me into buying a set of shavers while I was with the cigar
While cheap, the blades aren't the best, despite having 4 of them.

An introverts cigar.. Spot on! I enjoy them, but need to focus when smoking, and pairing with a light drink

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