Mini Wineador Humidity Spikes


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Since we bought a larger wine fridge my wife seems to have forgotten about the little thermo-electric Cuisinart 8 bottle one stuck in the corner of our counter.  Being bored I decided to take it over and see how well it would work as a 3-4 box wineador.  Granted it's only 1.7 cubic feet (if that even) so it's pretty tiny.  Seems like a fun experiment.

To start I plugged the drain hole and put in a 320g, 65% Boveda pack on the top.  Might swap that out for some HF beads later.  Stuck in an empty wooden cigar box and three hygrometers in different spots.  Temp is set to 65°F.  

After fours days, the temp is pretty steady between 64° and 66°.  Humidity in the middle is running 61% to 64% and the bottom is hovering between 64% and 66%...with one big exception.  2-3 times per day the humidity on the bottom will spike upwards of 70% (max I've seen is 74%) for 15-20 minutes and then settle back down to 64-66%.  Middle shows some signs of spiking but nowhere near the level the bottom does.  I doubt this is due to the TEC running as it only happens a few times per day and it seem like it would need to run a lot more than that to maintain 65° in my 76° house (maybe not).  In any case I don't see any signs of condensation or pooling water.

Would these short humidity spikes be something to be concerned with for long term storage or insignificant?  Was thinking of putting some closed boxes on the bottom and some singles in a tray nearer the top.

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I run three mini-wineadors (6 bottle). I wouldn't be too worried about temperature or humidity differences in such a small space.

You might try using it unplugged and make sure to place it somewhere the ambient temperature is relatively stable.

Mini-wineaors suck for boxes but are great for singles and three packs.

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