Hoyo Epicure #1 UEB OCT 17 (CGDLRW)

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The first two sticks from this quarter box were complete failures, in fact I reviewed one of them here a few months ago.  No idea why I decided to try another one, other than wanted something new-ish for this review.

The draw was tight, but not as bad as the prior two, and did not need any reaming.  First third was all creamy cedar.  A flavor that I hear mentioned a lot, but I think this is the first time that I really got it clearly.  And that was the only flavor until about halfway, when some raw leather, and then wet leather, came in.  It demanded to be smoked slowly, any time I tried to get a big thick draw it went bitter quickly, but backing off brought things around again.

By the end of the second third, char started to overwhelm the cream, and I got ammonia or something very unpleasant.  Pitched it.

Overall, I want to love these, but they just haven't come anywhere near the first Epi 2 I had.  I'd give it an 85.




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That's too bad, man! I've had one, and it was really good. Cedar, cream, coffee, sugar.

Thanks for the review though!

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