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I got a new box of Punch and as 24 of them lay down for 3-5 I decide to check the corona Gorda box off of this weeks review extravaganza and try one out.

I didn't clip too low, but immediately upon clipping, a huge chunk of the wrapper comes off right away. so frustrating. only the beginning of some stupid construction issues, halfway once the band moves out of the way the whole wrap unravels, and as you can see I had a split happen.but honestly, with the smoke feeling very tight to begin with, it smoked great with only tatters of the wrapper on. maybe the filler needed the extra room for a good draw. once the first third got going, eventually ginger bread with slight cinnamon and cream show up.  second part, I get a slight fruit forwardness in the cream and there's a nice background of toasty tobacco... Honestly, this is the last one I smoke until they get some age on them because, aside from the wrapper situation, the flavours all felt muted with no changes as I went into the third part.

5/10...for now, let see what some age does to it.




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