H. Upmann Mag 46 ABO NOV 18 PSP (CGDLRW)

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Cold wrapper nose: hay and leather sweetness

Construction and wrapper look excellent. Cut and find a firm draw. Pairing this with BRC MO 100% Columbian. Black


1/3: initial mild nuttiness, leather, coffee  with some herbal notes that fade quickly. Mild spicy finish. Coffee starts dominating into the third. The draw is firm just on the edge of intervention, but a decent smoke density allows me to press on.  A touch of milk starts to coat palette. Ash firm holding thirds easily. A Very pleasant start. Interestingly the smoke is adding a mushroom note to the coffee I am sipping. Outstanding.

2/3: The initial flavors intensify to medium and no major changes or additions in profile. Spice kicks up a bit more on the tongue. At half time the burn is excellent.

3/3: intensity builds to above medium and some young bitterness starts to battle the profile at the band. I slow down the smoke but since nothing is changing for the better, it’s over.

I would say an 87 right now. I think this PSP darker wrapper needs more time down in the humidor. I look forward to a revisit in 6-12 months.




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