HDM Epicure #2 MAY 18 (PRRRW)

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It lights well but the burn is uneven from the start. It never becomes unsmokable because of the burn (which I consider a success), but without a doubt, the burn was the worst part of this experience. And so far, an uneven burn has been the consistent black spot on each of my CC smoking experiences. So to step out of review mode for a second, does anyone else see this problem in the Cuban cigar world? Are uneven burns a common thread, or am I doing something wrong here?

Regardless, though, the construction is nice and the ash is a bit delicate although it holds on for a fairly long amount of time. I smoke this cigar slowly and methodically, because the flavors are just so damn rich . . .

Right from the get-go it is meaty and full with strange nuances I don't believe I've ever experienced in a cigar, such as rye, mint, and lightly baked dough. It's very complex from the beginning.

In the second half, the mint and rye disappear and are replaced by notes of caramel and cashew. The smoke reflects this by being rather smooth and creamy. It's definitely not a very strong cigar, but that doesn't bother me too much at all and you can tell that the strength is gradually picking up throughout the smoke, as it should.

Finally the strength picks up to the point where there is a nice, even-tempered black pepper finish following the warming baked goods and general nutiness. I nub it at the end and enjoy every second, even as my fingers burn into nothing.

Id give this stick a 8/10


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Two main variables that tend to cause uneven burn for me are age and construction.  Bad roll is just bad luck.  Enough age seems to merry each part together and I get a better burn.  Not guarenteed but you might be a victim of a young stick with poor construction.

Humidity is also an issue that dry boxing helps with but you flavors seemed nice so doubt that was it solid review.

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Burns are never anywhere near as consistent as my experience with NC.  I find I get pretty annoyed with it quickly, so I've attempted to ignore the look of the burn and they usually even out eventually.  

I do agree though, seems like most CC have them.  Monte 2 always burns well and I haven't gotten a chance to smoke the 10$+ a stick just yet so perhaps that will change things.

The flavors though - that's what keeps me going and has made me swear my allegiance to the CC.  

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