Anyone have any thoughts on this Des Dieux code?

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Happy holiday weekend FOH gang. Wondering if anyone has either seen this code, one like it, or other thoughts on it. I traded for 7 remaining sticks in this “1999” SLB with a solid guy with a good reputation. Because it is supposedly ‘99 stock, I didn’t value it very high (about $85ish) and the code was weird, but the risk was worth a shot to see how they smoked. I smoked one yesterday, solid smoke, certainly had the classic DD woody and vanilla flavors. Everything about the box appears legit. Typical construction from back when they used nails, all logos and symbols are pressed well into the wood, the labels and seals intact. 

I know that 1999 was a transitional year with lots of weird codes. The “CC” is typical ‘99, and the “ES” was an alternate code for June in ‘99, but I’m not sure if they were used together. 

Appreciate any thoughts. Again, not a big deal, it’s just a few sticks that I have left. 



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