Bolivar Coronas Junior ETP MAY 16 (BWRC)

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These popped up on 24:24 just a few months ago, and I'm already halfway through the box.  Wish I had bought four boxes.  They are perfect little smokes.

Nothing fancy to look at, medium brown, a little spotted.  Slightly spongy, very light draw, if I didn't know better I'd suspect they were underfilled.  But the damn things just burn perfectly.

First puffs are deep wet leather.  And wet, danky tobacco leaf.  It sticks to my tongue and mouth.  First half is awesome cuban tobacco, earth, minerals, dark chocolate.  In that order.

Last half brings savory char, and an ashy flavor that reminds me of reminds me of Murphy's draught.  Obviously the same as the Guinness Pres mentions, but I think of Murphy's as a more "ashy" flavor than Guinness, and I love the stuff.

It produced so much smoke.  It was getting cold and big puffs of smoke sank to the ground and rolled across the patio.  A+




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