Vegas Robaina Unicos BRE JUL 18 & Unknown Date (VVL)

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First of two reviews for the day...

This review isn’t as detailed as some of my others as I was trying to use my quiet time away from the kids to get some work done while I enjoyed my cigar. 

The first cigar I reached for was a VR Unicos that I received without a date code back in February. Upon lighting the cigar, I was hit with that amazing Cuban twang! I thought to myself, this is the cigar to give someone with no Cuban experience. However, after a few minutes I was struck with a terrible plug issue as very little smoke was coming out. No matter how much tinkering I did was unable to fix the problem, and I decided to toss the cigar rather than continue to struggle. 

I went back to the cooler and grabbed another Unicos, this one with a box code of BRE JUL 18. While this cigar had perfect construction, I didn’t get that sweet and sour twang as much as I had in my first few minutes of the prior cigar. Instead, I was left with a cigar that was overall a good cigar, but not great, and had very little development throughout. Throughout the cigar, I was able to taste some great rich tobacco and earth, with a bit of dark chocolate here and there. But, not much else. 

First cigar – 1/10 (only because I loved the first few mins)

Second cigar – 6/1



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