San Cristobal La Punta FML Feb 15 (SSTRW)

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Busy weekend but managed to fit in a few smokes so not all bad, I've only smoked the San Cristobal El Principe before so when I saw a box of La Punta in my local cigar lounge it was a perfect excuse to kill two birds and decided to pick one up.  The size was good, exactly the same as one of my favourites the BBF so I was excited to see what flavour profiles it would deliver.

I smoked it the next day and paired it with a latte at one of my favourite coffee shops but it was a warm rainy afternoon. Initial cold draw I got notes of hay but not much else.  Lighting up and first couple of puffs I was hit with woody and earthy notes, very mild flavours.  Smooth with no peppery tones.


Mid way through I was get the odd hint of toast and roasted almonds mixed with the undertones of earthy notes, the coffee was a little strong so I decided to use Ice water as a palette refresher.


Final third, it was a very smooth finish, no real development of flavours just a good smoke but a bit too mild for my tastes. But was great and ash held on for decent size chunks before I kept ashing on my jeans but apart from that a good overall experience.  I would rate it 86/100 as I prefer a more full bodied smoke.  Not sure if I would try a more aged example but was a nice first La Punta.



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