Trinidad Reyes - RAG SEP 18 (SSTRW)

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Picked up a quarter box of these a few months ago, and the first couple were great Sunday morning smokes, very promising for such young cigars. I was looking forward to more of the same, but the habanos gods were not smiling on me today.

Construction seemed ok at first, but I guess I didn’t inspect very closely.  Good draw, slightly sweet straw/hay.  First puffs were great medium/dark nutty, like a medium roast coffee.  A little rye bread, some bitter walnut.  I get some sweet twang on the finish, and just when I’m thinking this is going to be a great cigar, I see the wrapper has pretty much stopped burning.  I give it a relight and try the crush move.  That is when I realize the cigar is very soft, all the way to the band.  The crush doesn’t work, it is so hot inside it is burning my fingers.

I make the difficult decision to amputate, hoping to salvage the last half.  On the relight, I briefly get many of the same great flavors it started with, and then it all just goes to hell again.  Major bummer.

These are still good enough that I plan to buy a box.  But whoever rolled this one should be demoted to sweeping the floor.





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On 5/5/2019 at 5:33 PM, slowsmoke said:

These are still good enough that I plan to buy a box. 

I would suggest a box with a different box code as my RAG MAR 18 are poor examples like yours-13 out of my box are so underfilled that they are almost unsmokable.

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