My Fav Photos from Havana (Infrared) - April 25th-29th

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3 hours ago, ayepatz said:

Lovely stuff, @Ethernut! Love b&w photography. Which film and equipment were you using?

I bought a Hassy 500cm last year, and have been playing with Ilfords - HP5 and XP2 mostly.

I shoot a Fuji XT-2 mirrorless camera. For these photos, I was using an 18-135 f3.5-22 with a 67mm Hoya 720nm infrared filter. These were handheld I think at 1/30th of a second due to the extreme light reduction of the filter and I was shooting in a Fuji Film simulation mode called Acros with software Red Filter.

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@ayepatz the forum compression algo’s soften the photos quite a bit, but in the originals the hardness of the clouds is simply striking..

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