San Cristobal La Fuerza JUN 18 (SSTRW)

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This is not going to be the most fair review because this is not only a young cigar but the first out of a box that I received just over 30 days ago...I typically wait 60 days.

1st third the draw is a bit tight making me wish I would have purchased a Perfecdraw already. The smoke is light bodied and light flavored. Flavors are toasted tobacco, pancake and an almost berry like sweetness. Flavors are good but I just wish I could get more smoke.

2nd and 3rd thirds. The draw is still tight but I am getting a little more smoke than in 1st third...a little. Pancake flavor is still there, the berry sweetness turns a bit darker almost like molasses but not quite and a little bit of coffee.

Overall, tight draw, light smoke production and a bit muted flavors. As is I give it a 70. The flavors have promise, I need a Perfecdraw and they need more rest after their travels. I thought maybe they were a bit wet but they have been sitting between 62 and 64 % humidity for the past 30 days. I will revisit next month and I'm willing to bet it will taste and perform much better...and I'll have a Perfecdraw to ensure the draw at the least.




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