Howdy from the Texas Dustpan!


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Howdy FOH!

I have been quietly observing and learning on the site for quite a while. I finally dove in head first to some 24:24 and store purchases this past couple of weeks leading into my birthday. I also started posting and trying to be involved.


I first sought out the site prior to an impromptu trip to Havana last Fall. I certainly wish I’d had several months for a finer FOH education prior to the trip! At least I took home some pointers about where to buy and made it home with a small amount of awesome glass top Cohiba Behike boxes...I kid...I kid...?. I did well with advice to buy at the factory and LCDH stores. I wish I had discovered the recommended taxi guides. We did not understand one another and ended up on a canned tourist route that yielded little opportunity for real shopping (Flea market, I’m talking to you!!). We were also steered toward the kickback purchases but refused. 


We brought home some lesser Cohiba singles, a couple bottles of HC and a sealed box of Monte 2’s from the R&J factory humidor. As I’d never seen anything like the walk-in , it was amazing in there! I know there could be anything inside that Monte box (BOP MAR 18) but I kept it sealed for the nostalgia and novelty.


I am hoping to return before Summer and have found the information on FOH invaluable these short months. I am building a broad singles selection of names and sizes to store in jars. Also, interested in picking up the jar releases!


Bravo to the helpful community and the owners of the site!!

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