Allones Extra 2011 LE MLO Nov 11 (RARW)

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Over the weekend I had the pleasure to smoke this lovely corona gorda which was gifted to me by a great BOTL. After what it felt like

The cigar has a beautiful chocolate wrapper but is tight as a tent pole. After a liberal application of the perfect draw, it opens up enough to smoke!

1/3: chocolate, black pepper, stewed fruit. Body: low, strength: medium full

2/3: stewed fruit, chocolate. Body: low. Strength: Medium full

3/3: Stewed fruit, nuts, spice. Body: low. Strength: medium full

This cigar, to be honest, was a complete let down. The flavors were there, but they were muted without any richness or real complexity. The smoke output was low because of the draw, but the construction was flawless. 

Score: 85/100 

I smoked 8 cigars this week, and to my surprise a Davidoff Yamasa Piramides was the best cigar of the week, with a Connie 1 going next to neck with an Arturo Fuente 77 Shark.  




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