Ramon Allones Gran Bretana RE 2012 ( RARW)

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Good construction. Nice sheen. Perfect cold draw


First third. Instantly hit with nice toasty tobacco and classic Ramon fruit on the exhale. First couple of draws showing a lot of promise and potential. Excited to get into it. Sipping on some milky coconut water is enhancing all the sweet fruity aromas coming through this one. Halfway thought the second third the smoke gets too hot and easy to pull reminding myself to slow down. Hopefully not a under-fill issue. Creamy consistent smoke with hints Almond butter starts to peak through. Burn isn’t perfect but not bothering me.


Second third same stewed fruit almond butter dynamic coming together more dramatically. Although smoke output is tapering down I’m getting subtle floral and citrus notes in the mix. Ash holding on strong but it’s time for a touch up. Ash drops and reveals that this cigar is slightly under filled and uneven. 


Final third. This cigar i would consider to be in the mild medium range. Not overly complex but plenty of great flavors to be had. The stewed fruit and almond butter are the dominating flavors throughout. Hints of vanilla citrus and light floral notes come to play as well. 


Conclusion: not blowing my mind but an absolute pleasure to smoke. A Quick flavorful consistent smoke 


Rating 6.5/10

Looking at those last 2 picture. Would you say judging by looks that that is an under fill issue? 






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Nice review and pics and yes, it does look a bit under filled to me.


A great many of these were underfilled. Come to think of it, 2012 was when I first started noticing a major increase in underfilled sticks. Wasn’t the QdO Superiores also from that year? That one suffered severely from this problem, in my experience.

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