Punch Corona NI-SU-SS-IV (PQDRW)

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Although these cigars have plenty of age the aroma at cold is pungent. Strong musky tobacco, should be good!

The draw is excellent. I know a lot of people avoid cigars from these years like the plague but every one from this box has been absolutely fine, admittedly I’ve not tried anything else from this period. 

The cigar opens with plenty of smoke billowing out. The flavour is dominated by a creamy cedar note. Some pepper comes in and out but it’s easy on the retrohale. I’m not the best at picking out defined flavour but this is quite complex. 

The second third sees more of the same with no noticeable change. Body is a touch under medium. The smoke is fairly sweet. 

The last third sees the sweetness disappear completely and some power come to the fore. Body jumps to over medium and the creamy texture fades to the background. 

Overall a pleasant cigar. A score of 90 overall. I would have been interested to try one of these fresh. With the age much of the flavour had melted into quite a complex smoke. I would imagine this could have been quite harsh in its first few years. But I guess I’ll never know!




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