Quai D’Orsay Corona ETP NOV 15 PQDRW

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I love review weekends because they often compel me to look in the stash and grab something that I might not normally think about.  On this particular weekend it compelled to grab EXACTLY what I was thinking about.  There ha been a lot of fervor for the new Quai releases - it really is a primer on how to rebrand - but sadly I haven’t made my way to trying all that many yet.  I had a single 54 and I thought it was good.  And I had a Capitolio and thought “well maybe it’ll be fine after a 5 year nap.”

But I do quite like the Quai Corona.  I love the blend and I love the size.

Pre light.

Great construction.  Great weight.  Lovely sheen on the wrapper.  Quai Coronas tend to be very consistent.  All my other boxes that I have had have a great Claro wrapper.  For whatever reason, this box is darker.  Not maduro, but closer in shade to a RASS wrapper.  D3148464-260F-4D9C-976E-A443D129C427.thumb.jpeg.c9863311f0c0ce4984fb31a0ae61f640.jpeg

First half.  

I’m lucky that this wasn’t my first Quai.  I’ve had great luck on the construction of these and have found 14-15 to be a kind of golden period for a lot of cigars.  This one just... wasn’t.  Started well, but flavors were jumbled.  Construction was meh.  And it did this thing like sucking on a straw that had a hole in the side.  Air.

Second half.

A certain amount of construction availed itself.  It was “ashier” than any other Quai that I have had.  None of the gingerbread that I have come to look forward to.  Fortunately the burn was better which made the experience better.  


Summing up.  I love these Quai Coronas.  This one wasn’t typical of my normal experience with them.  I think my box of 14 have been generally super and I have had a couple from this 15 box that were also good.  I’d give this stick an 81-82.  Looking forward to revisiting next year.   Also curious to see how the new Quai Coronas are.  They sure look pretty in photos.  


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