Augusta 2019 - The Masters

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I’ve been lucky that the 5 years I’ve lived in GA I’ve been able to go to practice rounds at Augusta National the week of the Masters.  Currently in the parking lot waiting for dad to arrive with our tickets (he’s driving down from WNC). This year will be his last, so bittersweet but happy to be here with him.  

For now a P2 while waiting, then going to have a BBF later inside (haven’t had one yet, nor any Bolivar so excited). 

Anyome else attending this year?



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Sounds like an awesome experience! I hope you had good weather. 

Attending any day of the Masters week is the top of my bucket list. It seems to live up to expectations for everyone who has been. 


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We got out before the rain Monday, was amazing as always.  I'm lucky that I've been the last 5 years to practice rounds, but twice we were rained out before getting out on the course.  Truly an amazing place, one of my favorite places in the world

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Well the 2019 Masters will be forever remembered now as a special one, similarly to the 1986 Masters when Jack Nicklaus won. I never thought Tiger Woods would add to his 14 Majors, but that 11-year drought has now been broken. What an amazing victory!

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I have always believed in Tiger. When all my friends and relatives would count him out and say “he’s done” I would disagree.
I watched all his major victories over the years and followed him year by year. I have always said, he is way too talented, motivated and driven to never win a major again. Well he proved many people wrong today and I am very happy for him. I am glad that I am able to witness a true champion and dare I say GOAT. One thing is for sure, you will never ever hear Tiger say that this Masters win was “the one that made me the GOAT” (a la Lebron James interview )


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Watching this tournament and seeing Tiger stay in the mix during the early rounds even with his horrible short putting made me wonder if we wouldn't see his fifth green jacket.


And then Sunday rolled in.  Molinari wasn't walking away with it (and he kept having to escape trouble), Tiger plodded along, we saw a variety of big names at the top of the leaderboard.  Then comes along #12 - it ruined a LOT of days.  Tiger takes advantage and the rest is history.  What an amazing week.

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