Punch Super Selection No. 1 URL NOV 01 (PQDRW)

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1 hour ago, Sudzdaddy said:

And '00, AND '99...  ?

It may very well be your choices and how you store them.

I don't think I can find a finer cigar than a '00 Party Seleccion Privada #1. Difficult to smoke, yes, but the Upmann Lonsdale from '01 was a masterpiece. People now rave about the QdO Coronas... Ever have an '01? Cannot be touched by today's cigar!

'99 Monte Esp... a dream! '01 RAPC, to die for!!! 

I could go on and on... but I was smoking mid and small ring cigars mostly and not hunting for CoRo's, which IMHO are still second rate cigars! Yeah, I had some losers too... 

Matter of taste and opinion only! -Cheers! -tP

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Thanks for the review. I got (have to say 'once' got, there are only one or two sticks remaining...) a SUA Feb 02 cab. Boxed only three months later than yours. While not entirely impossible, rather unlikely to be a very different batch of tobacco harvests gone into it. And that is virtually the very opposite of what you descibe. Intense, deep and strong. With an aftertaste lingering on for the rest of the day, almost too much for my liking. I think, at least in this case, it really has more to do with production variability, and - in particular for a cigar of that age - its whereabouts and storage history. "Mild" is the last attribute I had ever been associating with the SS1. Siding with Piggy here, I'd never dismiss the '01 vintage, there were some true gems to be found in there.

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I’ve smoked many of these SS1s from that era. It once occupied a large section of my humidor, and together with the SS2 it was a staple for a decade.

There is a terrific elegance and balance to the SS1. A beautiful classic. It is a shame that this format has been abandoned.

Your review is reminiscent because of the almost translucent appearance of the pale wrappers, and the look and feel of the cigar. My recollection of the flavor profile is somewhat different, and I bet I have smoked this very same code, from the same era. But that is the nature of cigars.

Thanks for a great review and a lovely flashback.

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