Montecristo Dumas, Linea 1935, SEP18: MRW

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I’ve had quite a couple of these over the last few months.


They look really great aesthetically but I somehow find them a little lacking. It’s like driving a Japanese car in 4th gear on an open highway.






First half is quite decent. It has a tiny tiny bit of Montecristo. But leaning towards more coffee and biscuits. With a very very prominent earthy citrusy twang.


Second half gets interesting. With the coffee being ramped up to go shoulder to shoulder with the earthy citrus. However I would have preferred a more milk chocolate hit here. Especially with the cold aromas hinting of some choc. Also... here is where the cigar falters. The body is actually on the low side. Smoke production is fine really. But the body... seems thin and hollow? So all these flavors become very superficial with nothing to show for at the core.


No pizazz.


Final third is always meh. Stronger earthy notes. You’re drinking a cup of coffee that has been spilled on the earth prior to serving. Bits and pieces of leafy citrus. Some mushy biscuits. Grass.







Final thoughts: 84-89 rated cigar. On some samples where the body just vanishes. It’s an 84. While some cases the cigar does hold its ground it can hit 88 with a little bit of luck and blessings from the cigar gods. Pity.... as it’s a pretty cigar. But the Petit Edmundo destroys it in value, availability, consistency and potential.










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