Montecristo #4 Feb 2016 ABO (I think) MRV

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I personally smoke this particular cigar more than any other for one reason or another. The experience I had was abnormal for me with the Monte 4. I should have known from the lumpy feel of the cigar when I pulled it out. The draw was spot on, but the cigar wanted to burn sideway the entire way.  
The cigar began with a bit more woodiness than I usually get form the Monte 4.  It quickly settled into a cocoa creaminess that I find comforting. Moving into the second third of the cigar the cocoa became more of a baking chocolate, coffee, with hints of creaminess  instead of being dominated by the creaminess. Constant touchups needed.
The final third saw an intensifying of the coffee flavor, but to be honest I didnt get much farther into the cigar after I snapped the second photo. I had to ask myself if i am that spoiled, that I was going to throw out the uncooperative monte 4 over its frustrating burn and need for constant relighting….Turns out the answer is yes, I am that spoiled. I enjoy Monte 4’s regularly, but this one was rather annoying. Usually if I have a construction issue I can fix it with the perfect draw tool .



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