Montecristo Edmundo - unknown code (MRW)

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A while ago, whilst in JJFox, I picked up a rather nice Montecristo cigar case which came with three Edmundos. The case packaging wasn't coded but they reckoned the cigars would be late 2017 or 2018.

The first I smoked a couple of days later and was mightily impressed with, the second was last week around the campfire once the Scouts had finally gone to bed and again it was a good 'un, and this is the last one.

No real sheen on the wrapper but the feel and construction are spot on. The cap appears to be quintuple, strangely enough. The draw is firm but good through a V cut. The cold draw and first light are pure milk chocolate. It's smooth and velvety in the mouth, mild side of medium and absolutely lovely. I can already tell this one's going to be nubbed...

White spotting on the ash, which I recall is something to do with the mineral content (can't remember which one) and the ash holds well showing the immaculate build. The milk chocolate is a constant throughout, melding with slight underlays of leather, espresso and nothing you wouldn't expect. Just really, really pleasant. The sun is finally shining after a grim week of rain and wind, I've got all the time in the world to lose myself in this excellent cigar and it's just perfect.

A little white pepper on the lips to finish after an hour, a nice little twist to end it.

Very reminiscent of the classic little No.5s but for those of us with a bit more Sunday afternoon to waste... 52e0bef9b1ad7b31dbd0bf8af61e61a5.jpg596baefd9a1db139847cb0853463d934.jpg8fd7d4418bc36fd7565e016b347da663.jpg


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