Monte Sublimes SMG NOV08

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I believe this was the first EL cigar I bought, so many good things said about this cigar I had to try it, so I got a couple of boxes. One box had milk chocolate wrappers and one box had dark chocolate, I decided to smoke the milk and age the dark. I remember 1 cigar from the box I smoked was sublime, like smoking chocolate soufflé, not that the others were bad but nothing memorable. I’ve been meaning to try a cigar from the dark box for a while especially since I’ve read they’re over the hill.

This cigar smells delicious, draw is good, I like a little tug in a cigar but with this size cigar I probably don’t need it.

I’d usually smoke this cigar after dinner but it’s a beautiful Spring day in CA and it will be to cold tonight, a little golf and cigar for the afternoon.

Starts off with earthy dark chocolate and a beautiful mouth coating sweetness that tells me this should be a nice smoke. A few puffs later I get coffee added, by the end of the 1/3 the sweetness gets buttery and there’s a little nuttiness...aka Snickers Bar Monte. The remaining 2/3 of the cigar played with me, chocolate, coffee, nuts, carmel, and mint. Every puff was a little different, fantastic cigar. I smoked this with Prosecco but the other 9 will definitely get a vintage Port.

Have to include a shot of a gift a great friend just sent me?




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