Montecristo No. 2 EPM SEP 18 (MRW)

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2 hours ago, Monterey said:

Not sure about your dry box comment.  A properly stored cigar doesn't need to be dry boxed.  I smoke a lot of monty 2's.  All at 62 rh and I never dry box

Could be misunderstanding on my part. I do keep my humidor at 65. The draw was a bit tight and the wrapper wasn't staying lit. I tend to have better success with younger cigars on both issues when I dry box them for a day or so. My older sticks seem fine right out of the humi.

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You need to get a perfecdraw.  I've tried many things over the years, but nothing works like a perfecdraw. 

Unless it was just a tad snug, dry boxing won't help much for a plugged cigar.  Helps more on oily cigars where the wrapper won't burn as fast as the insides.  Dry boxing helps dry out the wrapper so that you get a better burn.  So unless you have a thick and or oily wrapper, there really is no reason to dry box.   At least in my opinion.

Try running your humidor a tad lower.

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