Quality of Production Cigars When They are in Short Supply

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When a regular production cigar is in short supply, does that tell us anything about the quality of the sticks?  If they are being made at a lower volume, does that imply more careful construction or tighter controls on the quality of tobacco being used?  Or, just the opposite?

If you do find something like a Behike or Sir Winston, will they in general, be better or worse quality?  

Of course, being Habanos, there's no such thing as "for sure" but wondered if any conventional wisdom has emerged on the topic.  

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I think there's a case to be made for quality relative to volume at the margins. For example, there's an awful lot of crap Monte 4 and PSD4 out there due to sheer volume produced and shipped. 

Conversely, IIRC @El Presidente has reported seeing a lot of crap when supply is very low on certain stock. For example when HUSW and Cohiba was scarce in 2015-2017 I believe a lot of below standard product was coming through. 

Rob would be a good source of input on this topic since he regularly sees more stock and quality levels than practically anyone else.

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I don't think there is too much correlation. 

Low production cigars such as HUSW can be off the pace. They are generally rolled it a certain time (over a couple of weeks/month). Quality is dependent on what leaf they have to roll with.  Construction on low volume production lines is generally good. 

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