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I've been to cuba and always used USD to EURO to CUC but I was looking into it for my next trip in 2 months and wanted to know If I was right because I feel like my math is way off:

Here is the exchange at the cadecas today in cuba:

En Casas de Cambio/In Exchange Houses:

Moneda/ Compra/ Venta/
Currency Buy Sell
CAD CAD 1.36842 1.29519
CHF CHF 1.03162 0.97640
CUC CUC 1.00000 1.00000
CUP CUP 25.00000 24.00000
EUR EUR 1.10131 1.16359
GBP GBP 1.28540 1.35810
JPY JPY 114.23088 108.11746
MXN MXN 19.86097 18.80053
USD USD 0.97250 1.02750


If thats right, they are buying the CAD higher than the EURO when the CAD is currently at 0.75 = 1 USD per


That would mean I'd get more money than I originally converted in the end. Am I missing something here. I've only ever done euros.

EX (Per My bank rates of exchange)

2381.80 USD = 2000 EURO converted at Cadeca to 2202 CUC

2381.80 USD = 3011 CAD converted at Cadeda to 4094 CUC    < This seems VERY WRONG TO ME. 

Let me know where I went wrong. Or they must have the wrong rates on their site 

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It looks to me like CAD and USD are in line with market (accounting for an exchange fee) and the Euro is under valued.

I may have this backwards, but using the sell column it costs $1.03 USD & $1.30 CAD to purchase 1 CUC (3 cents +/- off today's exchange rate for each). However it should only cost $0.89 Euro to purchase 1 CUC and they are requiring $1.16 Euro (a 30% decrease in value).

It may be an error where they added 0.10131 & 0.16359 to the Euro exchange instead of subtracting it which would result in $0.90 Buy and $0.84 sell.




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On 3/14/2019 at 2:07 PM, mtapia3 said:

You have to take your 3011 CAD and divide that by the current exchange rate. In this case you would be getting about 2200 CUC. 

Something doesn’t look right to me. The rates for CAD, EUR, GBP should not all be greater than 1?

It seems like the EUR & GBP rates are upside down.

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