for rugby league fans, today, the greatest of them all

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apparently, today is the anniversary of the broncos entering the competition and that famous first game where they thrashed defending premiers manly. to be honest, i was stuck in the middle of zaire, as it was, and heard absolutely nothing for about 6 months (no internet, no mobile phones etc).

but the greatest of them all came up with two tries that day.

all hail, king wally.


if you are in any doubt, or want to see just how good he was, this is worthwhile. you forget that even though not a big bloke, just how tough he was - some of the big hits may not be quite so legal these days - and how no one has ever read the game better than he did. lots of good guys backing up. but watch how cleverly he does it. always the right spot. 

as for toughness, look at the try v the poms early in these highlights. about 8 poms belting crap out of him and he slowly marches on to the tryline. they keep whacking him but on he goes. 


and how many guys get their own beer ad?



finally, if you are just waiting for the season to start, some really great tries here, no matter who you follow. i love number 4, from king wally. because if i recall, we had had three players break their legs at that stage and several other injuries. we were 11 on 13 i think and lewis still led them to victory. and this try sums it up. 


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