Cohiba Siglo I UEB JUN 18 (CWRC )

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IMG_7220.thumb.JPG.1c20fd094fcb186a1c4f1429d023b58e.JPGThis is my first try out of the Siglo I.

The cigar is very lumpy and bumpy though does have a light oil sheen to the wrapper. Trying to get a little work life balance back by having this for a coffee break on Monday at work.

Draw is a little tight though starts off well enough and I get the vanilla grass feel.

Burn is not too bad and progresses pretty well given that it's outdoor and a tad windy. Progressed to a buttery baking feel which as got further along a black pepper came in. My thinking is that it needs more age and that I'm smoking it a bit to fast. Both of which lets me know that I haven't given it the best chance to show its full potential.



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36 minutes ago, koosh said:

What's the final score? Is this the holy Monday grail?

I'd give it a 87. Definitely made my Monday at work.

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