Cohiba Robusto EOT SEP 15 (CWRC)

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This was the first cigar out of a box that has been sitting for 3 years. The box still smells like it did when I checked the cigars upon arrival three years ago, and I took the first one off the top. 

The pre-light draw was firm, but not too tight. Nice tobacco flavors coming through. With a nice drink, I lit it up and settled in for a nice smoke. 

First third was actually a little rough. The draw and burn were fine, but there was a rough back end flavor that I can only describe as coffee grounds. Definitely coffee flavor, but very bitter on the back side. 

By the second third, the bitterness had subsided and I started picking up on the Cohiba grassiness (sp?) and some woody flavors. The bitterness was still lingering, but not as prominent as before. 

When I got to the final third, the woody flavors became more pronounced and the grassiness settled into the background. The bitterness abated for the most part. 

Overall, I was not impressed with this cigar. It is younger than I would normally smoke it, but I wanted to see how the box was progressing. I will let these sticks sit for another year before I break out another. I’d give it a mid-80’s grade. 

As a side note, I am not a big Cohiba fan. I have boxes I have purchased over the years because, well, they are the marquee cigar out of Cuba. My preferences, in order, are ERDM (?‍♂️), Bolivar, Montecristo and HdM.  I enjoy Cohibas from time to time, and my Cohiba preferences are the Sig V, Sig III and Espléndido. 




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