Cohiba Robustos OGA SEP 11 (CWRC)

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  This is a bit of a tainted review. I love a great Cohiba, they justify the price and hype by all measures. This box however is awful. Every single stick had been complete crap. Underfilled and poorly rolled. I picked out the best looking from the cab for this, hopefully it's time to break this box's duck

  First off, draw is on the loose side even though the foot looks well filled. Lighting up however shows that great aged Cohiba; buckets of peach, light cream, fresh cut grass and just a hint of spice on the tip of the tongue. I've paired this with a good glug of Jamesons but it's massively overpowering the light and delicate first third. The cigar is burning hot but it's not effecting the flavours just yet.

  Second third and the flavour change is drastic to say the least. Everything has gone by the wayside and have been replaced by toasted bread and buttery leather. It's nice but come on, this or peaches and cream? All of a sudden the careful nursing of the loose draw seems to be having no effect. It's burning hot and I'm just getting plain tobacco.

  Final third isn't going to happen, it's gone hot mud and grubby; into the bin.

The first 6th was brilliant, but again the construction has killed the chance of a decent smoke. You should never get this in a box of premium cigars, and all Cubans should fall into this category. For it to happen not just on 1-2 out of 25 but on every single cigar in a box, especially with Cohiba, Cuba's supposed flagship brand is just unforgivable. 

Technical fail/100




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