Bolivar Royal Corona ETP AGO 16, BWRC

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This was a funny pick up, from Entebbe airport of all places, so storage very iffy. However, these were in tubes, and they looked fine, so I took the risk on ten, of which this is the first.

Nice golden colorado wrapper, quite thin and vibrant looking, with some mottling. Perfect draw from a big punch cut, not too loose or firm.

Woof it starts with a bang. Dark rich coffee, burnt leather, a touch of pepper. Good but quite pokey and straight in at over mid-body. Then it calms down a little in the first third, the coffee sweetens and the pepper goes away. Lovely complex flavours, majoring on the  turkish coffee but without too much bitterness. Lots of flavour, a sense of richness, fertile earth and slightly greasy animal hide. And this interplay pretty much goes to the end of the second third, when it starts to pick up noticeably in the burnt and spicy elements. Burn lovely, not a single touch up, and a great firm ash.

That’s 40 minutes of pleasure in the spring sunshine for me, and I feel like I’ve had a good time with no need for more. If I was drinking spirits at night I’d keep going, and for some this would be where things get interesting! But I’ll be running later and I don’t want to over do it. Lovely smoke, happy to have another nine, these feel ready to go but with plenty of legs.



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