Bolivar Petit Corona MUR AGO 13 BWRC

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I decided to dip into my 13's for this, as i havent had one in a while. last time i had one was about 6 months ago and i felt they still needed some time.


1st draw blows me away with deep espresso and slight licorice. the flavors are rich and im thinking that this is going to be great. the espresso provides a great backdrop to the slightly sweet licorice. rich tobacco rounds out the finish.


2nd third brings cocoa powder forward and the espresso fades to the middle with the licorice still lingering. fresh baked wheat bread lilts in and out and provides a light stout like experience.


unfortunately, the last third is where things turned. the majority of the flavors remained but the cigar becomes rough and harsh. i let it go with over and inch and a half remaining.


first 2 thirds 89 last third 80. i guess theres a reason why i've been letting these sit. i have bbfs that are younger but smoke better. both these and bcjs i have from 13' are still rough in the last third and im hoping that another year or two will round things out.2509e28fb06cfb8053d7a77cf68a84b4.jpg5f3b8a33a30e8e4b08ea50d9ef5f0156.jpgff75e0ec615732da1bb6f3eadd20b3ed.jpg


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