Bolivar BBF TEO NOV 17 (BWRC)

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I had a Party P2 on the mind for this evening but saw the review comp and thought what the heck. I’ve been holding a few Libertadores in my humidor and pondered that for a moment. However, even though it’s not too cold tonight, I think the Sublime would be best saved for a nice warm summer night down the line. If I was fishing for likes I would of gone with the Librertadore or perhaps a Tubos No 1, hahaha  


This cigar, incidentally my first ever 2424 purchase, is a NOV 17 date. It was a PSP/HQ offering and has a beautiful dark and oily wrapper. A shallow slanted straight cut yields a draw that is just right. I coupled this cigar with some JW Black Label neat. 


Fitst impressions are medium bodied with hints of light chocolate, graham cracker, and a sweetness kind of like a marshmallow. Let’s call it a zero calorie s’more. Burn throughout the first third to half a little wonky for sure. A few touch ups were required but nothing crazy. Second half while not perfect, was definitely better. Ash was salt and pepper and a little flakey, not like the pile of pancakes ash I had last night with an RyJ Ex4  

I feel the flavor profile remained pretty consistent throughout, while gaining some earthiness in the final third. It was tasty enough that I probably smoked it a little too aggressively. Some classify this as a full bodied strong Habano. This being my 10th from the box, I just don’t get that. Rich for sure,  but not overpowering in the slightest  

Earthy, creamy, and sweet. All in all, an enjoyable smoke, but from a burn perspective, I’ve had better from this box. Could definitely use a little more time with the dark wrapper I’m sure. 

Smoking time around 75 minutes. 

Thank you Rob for providing such awesome incentive!

Edit:  pics loaded out of order from my phone but you get the gist!






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