Bolivar Petit Corona ETP MAR 16 (BWRC)

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Bolivar Petit Corona ETP MAR 16

I’ve been going through a bit of a crush on Bolivar lately, having discovered how good the BBF and BRC are with as little as 6 months on them.  Simply put I haven’t had a bad one yet, which is more than I can say for any of my other crushes!

In the interest of trying some with more age, I managed to get a couple of these BPC in a trade, with about three years on them.  This was my first one.

First thoughts are the wrapper is lighter than the 2017 box of BPC I have in the humidor.  But the wrapper on this one is super pungent, with a sweetness to it that tickles my nose a bit.  Love it.  Construction is firm with a slight box press.  Draw is on the tight side, but acceptable.

First puffs are perfect dark espresso, just the right amount of bitter, and a nuttiness which I think is walnut.  Well into the first third, flavors are signature Bolivar, but it seems to me that this is not the same “lush” smoke I’ve found in recent BBF/BRC.  It is drier, woodier, and almost “crisp” for lack of a better term.  In my mind it tastes “older.”  Maybe it's just the smaller format.

Second third, great dark earth, damp potting soil.  A little more silky, but still not thick or lush.  Halfway, I get some pine, almost like a Christmas tree, which is very pleasant.  Also a bit of twang on the finish, which makes me realize that there has been no twang at all until now (again, very unlike my recent BBF/BRC).

Final third, the slightest bit of black pepper.  But more than anything, it is just a perfect cup of dark roast black coffee.  That is exactly what I thought when I had my first ever Bolivar, a BPC in the New to Cubans sampler.  Classic black coffee, bitter, a little nutty, a little acidic.

This whole time, the aroma of the smoke off the foot has been really nice, and it mixes so well with that pungent sweet wrapper every time I take a draw.

In the final inch or two, it does start to get just a bit too bitter for my taste, to the point that it overwhelms everything else.  It’s been so good up to this point, that I decide to call it.

Overall, I’d give this a solid 90.  Would have rated higher if it finished stronger.  And also, honestly, I may just prefer the bite of the fresher Bolis.  I may have to crack into that 2017 box for a head to head….






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