Super Bowl Fakes

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I went down to the pre game party downtown yesterday.  I have never seen so many people.  A bit much for me to handle.  Easily half million people down there.

Nice cigar aroma though.  I decided to check in with several of the street vendors, just to for kicks and to see what they had.  Quite comical when I called them out on the horrible fake Cohibas and Montes they were trying to pass off as Cuban.  Not even close.  I wonder how many fools feel victim.

Took the rail down there thinking that would be a great idea.  Unfortunately, american mass transit leaves much to be desired.

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I flew home Friday and intentionally took the earliest flight possible. I only like to see downtown as I’m traveling on the connector. I don’t enjoy having to carry everything in my front pocket at all times. I no longer see the convenience is using Marta.

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