SSS WRC - Quai d’Orsay Corona

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I’m gonna boldly predict an upset - Rams 35, Pats 33

This is a QdO Corona of unknown date that I received as an aged bonus stick with a recent arrival.

Smells of wonderful barnyard, but draw is a bit tight upon clipping. Nothing I can’t handle though.

Starts off very smooth...Grassy with faint elements of honey and spice. It’s got a pleasant Cuban twang, but honestly the flavors are quite muted.

Smoothness, really too much for my liking, is how I’d describe the rest of the journey. Pleasant flavors of mostly hay, cream and a touch of honey, but I find it leaves me wanting a more vibrant experience. It probably didn’t help that I really enjoyed a young Boli Belicosos Finos, my first, just before this :o 

I’ve got several boxes of these that are just about to turn the corner on 3 years, and recent core samples indicate most of the youthful mongrel is gone, but zesty vibrant flavors remain. I wish I knew how old this stick is, as it seems to be a good measure of being a bit too far for me. Still, a pleasant cigar.

Cheers! Here’s to an enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday for all! I don’t recommend eating as much bacon for breakfast as I plan to.


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