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Zenith Cohiba/Woodford Reserve Bourbon - by Ken Gargett. 

Always been a big fan of the Woodford Reserve Bourbon and never really understood why it does not get more love around the traps. No matter. It is probably my go-to bourbon, partly to do with the fact that it has been readily available here for some time. 

I have mentioned in the past, for reasons I do not completely follow, I received a sample bottle of Batch 1, when it was first released (at the time, I was doing very little with spirits). And I will confess that though I’ve enjoyed bottles from a number of batches since then, that was something special – I have a theory that producers often offer something really above and beyond when a new spirit is released. It gets the attention and it is always easier to regress than crank things up later. Not that I believe it has regressed. By the way, I’m talking about the standard, rather than the Double Oaked and Masters Collection. 

The bottle involved was from Batch 101, but have a few from 156 in the cupboard. I love the citrus, caramel, stonefruit, chocolate and spice notes, the florals and the slight ginger touches, and it has always been a fine Bourbon for a cigar. Terrific texture and decent spirit...

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