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Cohiba Shorts

This pencil thin cigar begins with sweet honey and citrus notes, then the grass, spice, tobacco and some hints of hay, woody flavours are added after its beginning. Due to the nature of the Cigarillos, it may not be as complex and great as long filler cigars but still, it lives up to its hype as it contains the key elements of good quick smoke!

-Mr. Knight

Brand: Cohiba
Size: 29 x 106 (Cigarillo)
Country: Cuba
Box Code: Received as a gift from our member, Raskol (ndchow)
Price: Received as a gift from our member, Raskol (ndchow)
Score: 86

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On 2/19/2019 at 9:26 AM, peteando said:

Thanks for a review on the short.  I've not had great luck with minis or puritos, so hopefully this one will be better for a quickie.  

Sorry for late reply! This one definitely serves you without doubt ?!

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