Edgar Hoill One Shot One Kill Traverso FFR

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Non Cuban Figurado welcome!  


 I have one! 

Edgar Hoill One Shot One Kill Traverso

Brand: OSOK by Edgar Hoill

Size: 5 1/2 x 54

Strength: Full

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Origin: Nicaragua

Shape: Pyramid


This cigar was created by Christian Eiroa, who became famous thanks to the success of Camacho (old series). Cigar has a rare form of Pyramid-truncated cone. To get the attention of the cigar part has no binder and wrapper, only filler. The cigar has no individual packaging made of cellophane, it is wrapped in a paper cone with a black and white pattern. The band is large, silver-black, with an aggressive pattern. I am repelled by pretentious cigar bands of NC’s, they usually try to compensate for the lack of taste.


Let's begin.

At cold: the smell is normal as the other Nicaraguan Maduro: tobacco, leather, cocoa. I breathed in the cold the cigar and caught his breath from the nicotine vapors like it very strong alcohol. Looks like this cigar is really going to be full strength.

1/3 The Filler burns unevenly, it smolders on its own due to oxygen access and burns quickly to the point where the wrapper starts. The taste is quite pleasant wood-coffee-dark chocolate. Smell nice. The smoke is quite mild, thick, a lot of smoke. The wrapper lights up and then the cigar burns smoothly. Very good taste, wood, black bitter coffee and dark chocolate. Recently I smoked a Montecristo Edmundo in Maduro wrapper - the taste I remembered, it seems. A little salt on the tongue aftertaste. Ashes a handsome, snow white.

I did not expect the evolution of NC’s taste, but on 2/3 there is a piquant tingling of the tongue, the taste becomes more intense. Do not like controversy about whether the NC to be similar to CC, but there is in the character of this cigar something from the Cuban maduro. The puffs became denser, the tobacco warmed up and soaked with resins. The ring becomes smaller and the smoke becomes more and more intense and refreshing, there is a tingling tongue.


I liked that cigar. It has not a large format and not a long Smoking because of what does not have time to get bored. The cigar has a development clearly due to the form. The cigar has an attractive appearance that matches the good content.

Smoking time: 60 minutes

My rating is 4/5 stars, I will smoke this cigar regularly if its mixture is not spoiled as it has become with the new Camacho.











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Good review, thanks! I still have 4 of these from a fiver I bought a few years back. Smoked the first one soon after receiving them and didn’t like it at all...very strong with uninteresting flavors. So I threw the other 4 in the back of the humi and forgot about them. I think it’s time to give ‘em another go.

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