Warped 1988


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NC Sunday today. 50f and raining in central Florida. So, off to my b&m. I don't bring outide tobacco's here, I always buy something from him. Granted, those purchases are limited to the three NC brands I like (Tatuaje, Warped and Padron) Just so happened Warped line is 10% off.


I picked the newest cigar by Kyle Gellis of Warped. The 1988. Great construction.


Immediately notice a sweet flavor. I'm always skeptical when there is a sweetness. It's okay though, I don't think it's the glue or an additive. I think it's actually the tobacco.


Admittedly I don't have the best pallet. I got leather, white pepper, some cocoa.


The burn was fantastic. Draw was just how I like it..a slight tug.


I think with some time down these might become really really good. a3778c3357d73972dfe3ba7cbec4bf0a.jpgeb1b7f04e7b4ae98e6eb21dd41f6a66e.jpg


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I, also, enjoy the blends by Kyle Gellis.  I tend to lean toward the sweeter, richer smokes.  Hence, I like the La Colmena Black Honey and Don Reynaldo Regalos.  I've read other positives reviews regarding the Serie Gran Reserve 1988.  I wish my B&M had them in stock.

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