WRC: Raquel Welch/Sanco Panza Non-Plus

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I was going to pass on this weekend’s review challenge because I was having a hard time connecting with the premise, until I had this cigar this afternoon.

Sancho Panza Non Plus

UBA MAR 2015

Purchased at 5ta Avenida LCDH in late December

This cigar reminded me of Raquel WelchWhy? Because, as I guess was the case with a number of men back in the day when they first saw Raquel Welch, my first ever Sancho Panza made me say, “I think I am in love.

Pre-Light Aroma: Tobacco and a hint of that driftwood everyone talks about

Cold Draw: Dry wood forest, lick of salt air

Construction: Densely packed, what appeared to be a stem down the middle of the bunch but a perfect draw

1st Third: No salt - lots of driftwood, pine forest floor and savory earth flavors like - dried leaves, dirt, meaty mushroom



2nd Third: The salt arrives, but its salt and sweet like salted cream. Reminded me of the warm unpasteurized milk served with breakfast at the Casa in Havana. The driftwood was still there.


Last Third: My favorite third. Salt still there but now its salted buttered lightly toasted bread with little pops of anise every few puffs. The driftwood stayed around the whole smoke. 

Thoughts: If this is Sancho Panza, I am fully on board. The flavors are so enjoyable and so different. I wonder what the blend is. Obviously each brand is different from the other in flavor, but this was farther apart from the nearest similar brand than the others are. Pluto:Planets::Sancho:Cigars. I wish I bought another two boxes. These are ready to roll right now at almost 5 years old so the multiple boxes would let me have one every week, much like I do with PLPC.

SCORE: 93/100


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