WINNERS of the Orders Over Xmas/NY Bonus!

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Sorry, we're a little late announcing this one... my strolls down amnesia lane are often long and winding... Isn't that a Beatles song, The Long And Winding Amnesia Lane?... something like that. ;)

Anyhoo... we had 3x compensatory bonus prizes (a box of LE Bolivar Soberanos!) up for grabs, to be drawn randomly, for any orders placed over the shipping hiatus period. 

And, so, those winners are:


@Bucky McSwensen


Congrats! :party:

Please email Lisa via [email protected] with your details so she can dispatch your prize. Thank you.


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3 minutes ago, Sfrishman said:


I just noticed that I was selected!!!

It appears that the email for Lisa is coming up invalid.  

Please advise.

Thanks so much.

The email looks correct to me. Alternatively, you can just PM the details to me, and I'll pass them on to her. 



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