A la Carte review: San Cristobal Principe AME 2012

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Hate to bury the lede.  I love this cigar.  Start to finish.  It may not be the last word in complexity but it is so wonderfully enjoyable.  

Pre light is actually relatively mellow and mild.  Some light notes of hay and cedar but that also might be box smell.  2CB59737-CD91-44AF-80E2-E2CA1255D8FD.thumb.jpeg.6c528bfe9fa81bfa0d6b465c9eafcaf6.jpeg

Firsf half:

Just perfect.  Slight twang gives way to the classic pancake aroma that all folks speak of.  The 6 years has helped mellow this cigar into something special.  My friend said if reminded her of Wheatena, a breakfast cereal she had as a child and I think that’s right.  Toasted wheat with baking spices.

Second half:

Not a huge change but flavors have amplified.  This is the half where a few years changes the palate heft.  I believe that if this were two years old it would have more “kick” but I enjoy the mellowness.  It’s round and rich and lovely.  This is just one of those cigars I would always want to have access to.  Great after meals. 


I paired it with a split Manhattan of bourbon and Calvados.  The apple of the Calvados picked up flavors well.


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